How Much Should A DJ Cost?

The first question, (and sometimes the only question) a customer asks is, “How much does a DJ cost”? A good rule of thumb is that your DJ should be 5% of your wedding budget. Actually, this should be the last question. When hiring your DJ you should never risk having an awful reception to save a hundred dollars. While many couples focus on catering, decorations, and apparel, they overlook the importance of an experienced, professional DJ. In this business, you really do get what you pay for and your choice of DJ can make or break your reception. Allowing a relative or a friend of a friend to use your special day to experiment with their DJ skills is a mistake. An amateur DJ may be the right choice for you if your wedding photography will be captured on a disposable camera, your reception is being held in your family garage and friends and relatives provide your catering. However, if you realize the importance of your master of ceremonies, music, quality sound equipment, and the professional appearance an experienced DJ will add to your special day then continue.